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Our laboratory carries out great prospecting for elaboration of new protective materials.

It has been developed protective coatings with biocidal additives on the base of beta-nitrostyrene,

intended for metal protection from biocorrosion under conditions of humid tropical climate;

It has been developed the inhibited protective compositions on aqueous base SITAKVA
(patent RF 2114160).

Yu.V. Korolev, V.I. Kravchenko, A.P. Bodokiya, and G.L. Koroleva
Protective lubricating material. Patent RF №2264437 of 20.05.2005.

Developed and introduced three new state standards of Russian Federaion:
- GOST RB 9.411,
- GOST RB 9.412,
- GOST RB 9.516
and revision №2 to GOST 9.906.

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