Test Subjects

  • Metals and alloys
  • Metal coatings
  • Paint and varnish materials, paint coatings
  • Industrial rubber products
  • Hermetics, glues, etc.
  • Composites, fiber glass
    and fiber coal materials
  • Plastics and building materials
  • Wood and wood materials
  • Fabrics
  • Conservation oils and lubricants, inhibited oil compositions
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Lubricating and cooling liquids
  • Inhibited packing materials
  • Biocide coatings
    and compositions
  • Biocides for fuel and lubricating materials
  • Biocides for paint coatings
  • Antifouling and anticorrosion coatings
  • Concrete, ferroconcrete,
    and waterproofing materials
  • Electronic components
Weathering Testing Center Weathering Testing Center
Weathering Testing Center Weathering Testing Center

Our laboratories are equipped with up-to-date test facilities allowing us to carry out tests under different conditions.

We conduct:

  • certification tests of materials, coatings, and products
    for corrosion, aging, and biodamages under laboratory conditions and at the own stations in different climatic zones and seas, located in different latitudes;
  • research and development works for creation of new structural materials, paint and protective coatings, biocide compositions and additives;
  • drawing up normative-methodical and technological documents.
Accreditation Certificate issued by the Certification Body Accreditation Certificate of the Quality Control Assessment of the Testing Laboratory
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